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With DataSource,

you can take part in data science competitions, grow your skills, and solve actual business problems.

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Polish your skills with DataSource

Grow your data science skills to unbelievable levels by competing in our data science tournaments, competitions, and data bounties. Push the boundaries of data science by using your creativity to find new solutions and win big prizes!

Data competitions

Fraud detection, customer segmentation, and forecasting - we have tons of data science competitions to align with your interests and skills. Solve the problem and win prizes!

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Data tournaments

Take part in tournaments, find a new creative solution, earn rewards and gather feedback from industry experts. All the challanges are carefully analyzed and selected by the leading community and DataSource experts.

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Data bounties

Receive rewards while tackling data science bounties. Solve complex challenges, practise your skills, and receive rewards.

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Keep learning with DataSource

The best data science and machine learning articles. Written by data scientists for data scientists (and business people)

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Top data science competitions

Browse winning solutions created by our competitors. Learn, discuss, and 10x your skills with us!

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Our Platform

We have a platform capable of hosting competitions, uploading files, evaluating them and ranking the best results in the competition. You will also be able to know the rankings of all competitors at any time throughout the competition.

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Test your knowledge and solve business problems with data science competitions

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    Join a competition listed on our platform and grow your skills.

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    Find your solution and submit your publication for voting and peer review

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    Explore every submitted solution and upvote your favorites.

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    Receive Feedback from Seasoned Data Scientists

    Develop your skills and get feedback from battle-hardened data scientists.

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    Winners receive guaranteed blockchain payments thanks to smart contracts.

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