Prediction of Online Shoppers Purchasing Intention

Prediction of Online Shoppers Purchasing Intention

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Description of the competition

In this competition, we will analyze the activity of users who vist a service/product offered online through a website. The objective is to predict which visitors will decide to buy according to the characteristics and interactions they exhibit on the site.

In this special case, we are working with a classification/clustering problem. Of the 12.330 sessions on the website, 84.58% did not decide to make a purchase, which equals 10.422 and the rest ended up buying (1908)



Challenge starts

January at 00:00 UTC

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Challenge ends (Public leaderboard)

March at 00:00 UTC

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Challenge ends (Private leaderboard)

April at 00:00 UTC

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Description of Timeline

This competition has a total duration of 3 months, within which you will be able to make your submissions and obtain results automatically. Once the first part of the competition is over, you will have one week to choose your best model and submit it to be graded and considered for cash or points prizes. 

Once the whole process is completed, you will still be able to submit models as "Late Submission" as a learning experience, since, since the competition is officially over, those models will not be eligible to win prizes.

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