DataSource AI Hosts KTM AG's Inaugural AI Challenge: "Code the Light Fantastic"

Nikolaos Kost
Aug 26, 2023

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DataSource AI Hosts KTM AG's Inaugural AI Challenge: "Code the Light Fantastic"

Aug 26, 2023 2 minutes read

DataSource AI announces the launch of the KTM AG inaugural AI Challenge, an unprecedented 3-month online competition that aims to revolutionise two-wheeler innovation through artificial intelligence and deep learning.

KTM AG is a global frontrunner in two-wheeler innovation, known for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of motorcycles. With a rich history of groundbreaking engineering and a commitment to cutting-edge technology, KTM AG has set new standards in performance, design, and safety.

As a global leader in two-wheeler innovation, KTM AG invites participants to embark on this groundbreaking innovation journey.

At the core of this competition lies a challenge set to redefine the future of motorcycle lighting systems. Participants are tasked with developing an algorithm for a high-beam lighting system utilizing a pixel matrix. Participants can find detailed guidelines in the Datathon competition.

The datathon unfolds in a 3-tiered cascade model:

This Code Challenge by KTM AG promises not only substantial rewards but also an exciting opportunity to shape the future of two-wheeler technology, along with supporting the participants to upscale and test their knowledge in a global AI competition. The cumulative budget for this remarkable Code Challenge by KTM AG is a substantial €24,000, motivating participants with not only the opportunity to push the boundaries of two-wheeler technology but also significant rewards for those who rise to the occasion. With cumulative prizes, contestants have the chance to potentially take home a maximum reward of €10,800 in addition to contributing to cutting-edge advancements in the field.
We invite all aspiring innovators, data scientists, and AI enthusiasts to join us in this journey to "Code the Light Fantastic."

For more information, rules, and registration details, please register here

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