5 Google Chrome Extensions Every Data Scientist Should Know About

Daniel Morales
Sep 17, 2021

5 Google Chrome Extensions Every Data Scientist Should Know About

Sep 17, 2021 5 minutes read

In this new post we will talk about the best Google Chrome extensions that as data scientists make certain tasks easier for us. You should at least try them out and verify the results on your own, it is possible that they will become part of your arsenal of tools to work with on a daily basis. 

If you have any additional recommendations feel free to post them in the comments, or if you have any reviews on the mentioned extensions we would also like to hear from you!

#1- AI/ML Papers with Code Everywhere - CatalyzeX

Extension description:

ūüíĽ Get the implementation code of machine learning research papers with code directly on Google, ArXiv, Scholar, Twitter, Github, etc.
CatalyzeX free browser extension instantly finds and displays the implementation code of any machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, computer vision, reinforcement learning, and deep learning research papers with code you find while browsing Google, ArXiv, Twitter, Scholar, Github, and other websites.

‚Ė∂ Browse the web as usual and you'll start seeing [CODE] buttons next to documents everywhere.
‚Ė∂ The [CODE] buttons will automatically appear directly on the page of any implementation link found.
‚Ė∂ Click any code button to instantly jump to open source and explore!

Powered by the CatalyzeX.com repository used by thousands of engineers, researchers, developers and technology leaders from around the world - to browse ML algorithms, models and articles with code for relevant and cutting-edge developments in machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, reinforcement learning and deep learning.

Download link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/aiml-papers-with-code-eve/aikkeehnlfpamidigaffhfmgbkdeheil

#2- Instant Data Scraper

Extension description:

Instant Data Scraper extracts data from web pages and exports it as Excel or CSV files.
Instant Data Scraper is an automated data extraction tool for any website. It uses AI to predict what data is most relevant on an HTML page and allows you to save it to an Excel or CSV file (XLS, XLSX, CSV).

This tool does not require website-specific scripts, but uses AI heuristic analysis of the HTML structure to detect the data to extract. If the prediction is not satisfactory, it allows the user to customize the selections for greater accuracy. This type of scrape technology is much more convenient, because it does not require large libraries of user-created scrape scripts, which are often filled with obsolete and redundant versions. This means that our scrape method works just as well with small, lesser-known websites as it does with global giants like Amazon. Plus, our users don't need to have any coding, json or xml knowledge!

Instant Data Scraper features:
* Data detection for extraction with AI.
* Detection of dynamic data when it has been loaded.
* Customization of delay and timeout for desired crawl speed.
* Support for pagination on web sites.
* Automatic navigation to the next page via buttons or links.
* Support for infinite scroll.
* Preview of extracted data with copy and paste support.
* Data export to Excel spreadsheet or CSV file.
* Rename and filter extracted data columns.

This extension is completely FREE. Instant Data Scraper works well in unison with SEO tools, CRM recruiting systems, sales lead management tools or email marketing campaigns. Web scraping and data downloading is made easy with our tool. Plus, you have data security and privacy as scraped data does not leave your browser.

Instant Data Scraper USE CASES:
* Lead generation for companies and freelancers.
* Growth hackers looking for easy ways to collect data.
* Recruiters looking for job candidates.
* Obtaining search engine results.
* Obtaining product pricing data from e-commerce websites.
* Amazon sellers, distributors and review analysts.
* Obtain email and directory addresses and phone numbers.
* Get contact information from professional association websites.
* Collect reviews and ratings.
* Analyze posts for likes, comments, connection and contacts.
* Extract emails and IDs from social network profiles.
Developer's promise: This extension does not contain any malware or spyware beyond the standard Google Analytics.

Download link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/instant-data-scraper/ofaokhiedipichpaobibbnahnkdoiiah

#3- EquatIO - Math made digital

Extension description:

Easily create mathematical equations, formulas and quizzes. Type intuitively or by hand, without the need to learn complicated mathematical code.

Until now, writing mathematical equations and expressions on the computer was slow and laborious.

EquatIO makes mathematics digital, helping teachers and students of all levels to create mathematical expressions quickly and easily.

Type or handwrite virtually any mathematical expression directly on your keyboard or touch screen. There is no need for any complicated code or programming languages.

EquatIO instantly converts your thoughts into clear and precise formulas on the screen. When you type "sq", it knows you mean "square root". And it listens to you, too. When you dictate a formula out loud, EquatIO is smart enough to ignore "umms," "errs," and other unwanted non-math words.

More than a substitute for pencil and paper, EquatIO makes math and other STEM subjects engaging and rewarding for all students.

- Easily create mathematical expressions, including equations and formulas.
- Compatible with Google Docs, Forms*, Slides*, Sheets* and Drawings*.
- Keyboard input, handwriting recognition* (via touchscreen or touchpad), and voice dictation
- Guess what you're writing or typing, just like predictive text on your smartphone*.
- Hear your mathematical expressions read aloud.
- Compatible with LaTeX input for advanced users.
- Create interactive digital math quizzes*.
- Enter student responses directly into digital quizzes*.
- Chemistry formula prediction*.

Download link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/equatio-math-made-digital/hjngolefdpdnooamgdldlkjgmdcmcjnc

4- Challenge Hunt

Extension description:

One application. All programming competitions. Keeps you up to date with all active and upcoming programming competitions and hackathons from around the world.
Challenge Hunt brings you the best programming challenges from around the world. Keeps you up to date with all active and upcoming coding competitions, hackathons, hiring and data science challenges. It allows you to:

1. see all active and upcoming:
* Coding competitions
* Hackathons
* Data science challenges
* Hiring challenges

2. Set reminders about upcoming challenges so you don't miss any challenges.

3. Set your preferred online challenge platforms and Challenge Hunt will show you challenges only from those platforms.

Download link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/challenge-hunt/cgbnhngdlmhjbmgkekedepoapmoingjj

5- Open in Colab

Extension description:

Open a notebook hosted on Github in Google Colab. Simple browser extension to quickly open Jupyter notebook hosted on GitHub in Google Colab.

Download link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/open-in-colab/iogfkhleblhcpcekbiedikdehleodpjo

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