Libertad Sanchez Presa

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Data Scientist

Experience & Education
Tengo entre 1-2 años de experiencia

El título de doctorado

No tengo ninguna calificación relacionada, pero me enseño como autodidacta ciencias de los datos y/o participo en cursos en línea y en persona.

I am a recent PhD graduate ready for new challenging projects where I can use and develop my soft and technical skills, particularly in the areas of data analytics, data science, development and consultancy. I have used data, statistics and visualisation tools to answer ecological questions, however now I aim to use my skills outside academia. I primarily use R for data wrangling, visualisation and statistical analysis, such as descriptive statistics, analysis of variance, correlations, regression analysis and machine learning algorithms, for instance, Random Forest. During my PhD I developed efficient problem solving skills, ability to work under pressure, excellent communication skills and I am able to work independently and as part of a team. I am looking forward to continuing to learn new tools and gaining new skills, and I consider myself to be a fast and independent learner.
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