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Data Scientist

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Tengo entre 2-5 años de experiencia

Licenciatura o equivalente

Tengo un título o calificación formal en data science o un campo relacionado (matemáticas, ciencia, ingeniería, ciencia de la computación)

I have 15 years of experience in business intelligence projects, from the adaptation of the data to its exploitation of data. I also have a specialization in data mining with R. I could contribute very well for the scientific data or data engineer position. It could provide excellent added value in the visualization of data not only in commercial visual tools, but also with open source, since I have been hired not only in Colombia, but also in different Latin American countries for different projects. I have a wide range of automated tools for ingesting data from a data warehouse, audit logs, define metada, automation of tasks in creating data warehouse tables, documenting it, and automated tasks in ETLs.

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