David Betancur Sánchez

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Data Scientist

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Tengo entre 2-5 años de experiencia

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Tengo un título o calificación formal en data science o un campo relacionado (matemáticas, ciencia, ingeniería, ciencia de la computación)

I'm David Betancur, a biomedical engineer with a master's degree in data science and big data. I started my career as a data scientist in emotion detection based on physiological signals and from there I was enthusiastic about the whole data topic. I have worked on natural language processing, image processing, machine learning and some web development projects. I won, in 2019, the most important datathon here in Colombia held by the most important bank (Bancolombia) with a model that predicted someones credit default based on the digital trace if his previous transactions. I've always loved the research field. I graduated with the highest achievment from biomedical engineering which is the laureate mention that had only been given to another 3 people in the history of the university. This was given because of some research work in phononic crystals simulations. My masters degree was finished in Madrid, Spain. During that time I also worked with the IIC (Instituto de ingeniería del Conocimiento), which is a data science company, developing some natural language research and maintaining some machine learning models libraries that the company had. Right now I'm working on some covid-19 related research in artificial intelligence in the Eafit University, developing predictive models and processing some data for other research teams in the university. I love sports, music and social life, but the thing I love the most doing is definitely coding
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