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Here you can post a Data Science vacancy you have in your company. We specialize in having talent in the areas of Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Here you will find the best talent in Latin America.

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What can you find here?



You will receive a list of talents, where you can choose the most suitable person for the position.

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You will receive the Curriculum Vitae of all candidates, and they will be part of your internal talent pool.

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Once you have the right people you start your recruitment process with the best candidate.

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Our Platform.

We have a platform capable of hosting a list of vacancies, uploading and filtering CVs, evaluating them and ranking the best candidates. You will also be able to know at all times the process of the candidates or even those who have performed best in the Data Science competitions on our platform.

1. Post a Job

Applying for a vacancy is very easy, you just have to fill in the form.

2. Get Candidate Listing

Once you have applied for the vacancy, you will start receiving notifications of candidates.

3. Hire the best

Once you have a list of candidates, you can start your recruitment.

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Register your company data to start with the vacancies, we will help you to find the best candidate for your company!

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