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Senior Data Analyst - Banco Bci

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Job details

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  • Company: Banco Bci
  • # Data Scientists to Hire: 1
  • Type of Job: Tiempo-Completo
  • Salary: Salary to be Agreed
  • Aditional Compensation: Otras Formas
  • How urgently do they need the vacancy?: 2 a 4 semanas
  • Remote?: Una locación fija

Job Description:

The objective of Senior Data Analyst is to develop projects focused on strengthening management and business strategy through analytical and machine learning methodologies. This considers understanding the business context, identifying the necessary data, defining the analytical approach, developing the respective analyses/models, and communicating the results.

In this sense, it is characterized by being able to translate contexts and business challenges into an analytical approach, to communicate the results achieved and to recommend the best resulting decisions, having a high focus on generating concrete results from the insights found. Therefore, he must possess high communication, negotiation and persuasion skills. It is also a person who is proactive in learning about new trends in both business and analytics/data science.

The Senior Data Analyst will become part of a highly qualified team in the application of quantitative methodologies to business management.

The main functions of the position are

  • Identify potential cases of use of analytical assets and prioritize their development according to their inherent potential value.
  • Develop hypotheses that allow the design and testing of analytical experiments, with the aim of identifying areas of opportunity and measuring the potential impact of new initiatives.
  • Recommend changes to business processes in order to make them suitable for the incorporation of analytical assets
  • Ability to work in conjunction with IT architects and Data Ops teams to ensure that analytical developments meet technical and performance requirements

To apply for the position you must meet the following exclusive requirements:

  • Excellent training in Industrial Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Economics or similar.
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience in related roles with Analytics.
  • Solid background in general statistical techniques and knowledge of machine learning methods: cluster analysis, regressions, decision trees, gradient boosting, neural networks, etc.
  • Creativity in applying quantitative methodologies to business problems, including understanding how to combine techniques and tools to solve specific business problems.
  • Advanced knowledge of SQL Server and statistical processing programs (R and/or Python).
  • Ability to relate to the business (needs assessment, presentation of results, etc...) At Bci we seek innovation, quality of service and a high orientation to the fulfillment of objectives. If you meet these characteristics, we invite you to apply with us.

When you apply to the Bci Corporation you have the opportunity to access a world of benefits, for example

  • We are constantly seeking to create memorable experiences for our clients, both internal and external, so we value teamwork, an unwavering desire to meet the needs of our customers and a passion for excellence in management.
  • Annual bonus just for being a Bci Collaborator, bonus for marriage, bonus for the birth of your children, bonus for help with childcare at home, among others. If you want to study, you can apply for scholarships and postgraduate studies for you or your children.
  • Permits to celebrate and share the birthday of your children, your spouse, and yours as well as other special occasions.
  • Supplemental health and dental insurance with co-payment.

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Human Resources
Financial Services

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Information Technology

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