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Here you can find a list of jobs in Data Science for Latin America. You can apply and send your resume to the recruiter. If you are looking to hire Data scientists, click on the post a job button.

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Open Positions (101)

Our Mission
Helping talent in Data Science.

Our mission is to help Data Scientists find their dream job.

And help companies find the best talent for their companies.

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Data Science

Our talent and our client companies are focused on finding Data Scientists. The focus on this market is our biggest differentiator.

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Better Candidates

Our candidates have been pre-selected and even have real-world skills, as many have participated in our Data Science competitions.

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Better Companies

Our pool of companies have demonstrated their interest in hiring trained Data Sciencists and are willing to pay their employees correctly.

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Lives of Data Science

Take advantage of this new wave of opportunities in Data Science and live from this wonderful career. Start your path with us.

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