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We have a pool of Data Scientists who can help your company discover, improve and analyze data in the right way, predicting or classifying complex problems. Let us show you why we are the best data science community of Latin America

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There are 3 types of competition


Win Money Prizes

If you are a sponsoring company, you can reward Data Scientists who solve a real problem in your company with money.


Earn Recruitment

If you are a sponsoring company, you will be able to evaluate skills and recruit the best Data Scientist(s) to solve a real problem.


Earn Points and Reputation

We, as, do these competencies in order to evaluate Data Scientist skills. If you are a Data Scientist you will be able to learn, have fun and rank in the best positions on the Leaderboard.

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Our Platform.

We have a platform capable of hosting competitions, uploading files, evaluating them and ranking the best results in the competition. You will also be able to know at all times the rankings of all competitors, as well as the resumes of the best ones.

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Why host a competition?

Sponsoring a competition means solving a data problem that could improve the efficiency, effectiveness or utility of that data. It also means supporting the emerging Latino data scientist community.



Find the best solution to your problem.


Best Data Scientists

Find the best data scientists for your organization.



Get all the rights to the code. No license or maintenance fees.



Actively promote the Latino data science community



Improve your profile. Build your reputation in the data science community.



Get solutions when you need them.

Hosting a Competition

  1. 01 - Identify a challenge
    We help your organization to identify and define an urgent or interesting challenge. The awards are established with your organization, with the complexity of the challenge as a determining factor.
  2. 02 - We help you collect the relevant data sets data scientists work with your organization to a) determine which data sets are needed to solve the challenge and b) help build the data sets in the appropriate format. The data are completely anonymous and are masked when necessary. Challenge solutions are built on static data - models can be implemented in real time after the competition if needed.
  3. 03 - The competition is published online
    A description of the challenge and the prize money involved, as well as the challenge data sets, can be found at The competition is promoted in the DataSource community, advertised on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, and disseminated through our partner network.
  4. 04 - Data scientists from across the continent compete to meet their challenge
    Data scientists download the information and test the data sets and build solutions. Typically, solutions involve data processing, feature building, and one or more machine learning techniques.
  5. 05 - Solutions are ranked and cash awards are given to the winning solution
    Competitors can present various solutions during the competition. Their presentations, based on the set of evidence they downloaded, are classified in a ranking table. At the end of the competition, the proposals are rated against a private data set based on the accuracy they achieve. The final rankings are always 100% objective and fair.
  6. 06 - Integrate the solution to your company
    DataSource data scientists work with your organization to review winning solutions and co-design a strategy to implement and integrate the solution into your business. This may also include defining job specifications based on your requirements or building capacity for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

You would have to share a certain set of data publicly, but we will work with you to prepare the data so that it is properly anonymized and meets your own privacy standards. See our privacy policy and terms of use.

Any company. It can be a large company, a startup, a non-profit organization, a government agency, and any other type of business.

Typically you would need some type of data that you collect, administer or use as an organization. We can help you review your data and we can also help you obtain external data if necessary. typically runs prediction and ranking competitions that are solved using statistical models and Machine Learning techniques. This can include things like: credit risk modeling, predicting customer behavior, image recognition, natural language processing, anomaly detection, sentiment analysis, and many others.

You'll get all the copyrights to the winning code. A competition on also includes public relations and marketing for the competition and the opportunity to connect with data scientists for possible recruitment. can also offer additional services such as assessment of your organization's data science capacity, strategic planning that may include project scope and definition of job specifications, and capacity building.

Currently there are no direct messages on the platform. If you are a recruiter or a hiring manager, you can apply for a job offer directly on our platform aqui.. If you have additional questions please contact [email protected] for more information on how our platform can help you connect with the best talent in Latin America.

If you have a competition you would like to do, but don't think you can afford it, we can offer discounts for nonprofits and start-ups. We can also help raise funds to cover "data for good" challenges. So please get in touch. We would love to work with you!

Still have questions? Write us here: [email protected]

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