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Participating in a competition means gaining real-life experience and knowledge of Data Science and Machine Learning in our region. You will be able to access competitions according to your level and win prizes in dollars on a constant basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will build a machine learning model based on the training data provided. You will send the model results for the test data set. Your solution will be automatically evaluated against the test data set using the evaluation metrics created for the competition. During the competition, you will be able to view your score on the public leaderboard, which displays the results of a portion of the test data. Your final score on the private leaderboard, which represents the result of your model evaluated against the remaining part of the test data set, will be revealed on the competition closing date.

  • Be sure to create an account and sign in to
  • Search for competitions here...
  • Join the competition - you must join to download the data
  • Familiarize yourself with the information and rules of the competition
  • Download the data (datasets)
  • Build your model in any programming language, using any open source library, using the training data provided. The specific requirements will be in the Rules of Competition.
  • Send us the results of your model against the provided test suite (specific requirements will be in the Rules of Competition).
  • Make sure your file is formatted correctly (see Result Submission File - SampleSubmission.csv). Remember to set your index to False.
  • Look for it on the Public Leaderboard!
  • The final winners will be announced at the close of the competition.

Yes, anyone can join and participate in our competitions. However, some competitions may reserve certain prize categories for data scientists living in Latin America. We do this to support and grow the community of data scientists in Latin America. Any such restrictions will be indicated in the specific rules of the competition.

During a competition, you will only submit the results of your model against a set of test data, not the code or model itself. However, if you win a contest and are eligible for a cash prize, you will be asked to submit your code.

The most accurate result against the test suite wins. Accuracy will be measured by an algorithm set out in the rules of the competition. Examples of the algorithms include: Mean Absolute Error, Weighted Mean Absolute Error, Root Mean Squared Error, Log Loss, Area Under Curve (AUC), Mean Average Precision. You will be ranked based on your best performance.

In most competitions, when you submit your solution (i.e. code/model), the copyright on the solution is transferred to and/or the competition host. Please see the specific rules for each competition. Remember that in many competitions, shared data can only be used for competition purposes.

The prize money will be paid directly to you in full. You are responsible for any fees or taxes that you must pay in your home country upon receipt of the funds. Any relevant conditions will be stated in the Contest Rules and the Terms of Use.

The leaderboard you see while the competition is open is the public leaderboard. For most competitions, unless otherwise stated, this leaderboard is based on a portion of the test data. When you submit, your submission is evaluated against this portion of the test data and you are ranked on the Public Leaderboard. The results you submit are also simultaneously ranked on a private classification table that uses the remaining test data. At the end of the competition, the private leaderboard will be made public. Prizes are awarded based on the results of the Private League Table.

Your score on the private leaderboard evaluates your model against a portion of a test data set that has not been revealed until the end of the competition. If your score on the public and private leaderboard differs drastically, it is likely that your model is overfitting.

No. For now, only individual participation is allowed. We'll be launching this feature soon.

In competitions with prize money, the number of points available is equal to the value of the prize money. For prize and point competitions, the top 10 winners receive a percentage of the points corresponding to their rank. The first place winner receives 100% of the points, the second place winner receives 90% of the points, the third place winner receives 80% of the points and so on. If it is a points-only competition (done to improve the knowledge of data scientists), the Competition Rules will dictate how the points are distributed.

Sponsoring companies can create competitions for the sole purpose of recruiting the best participant(s). It works exactly the same as competitions for cash prizes, or for points, except that the prize will be to enter into a recruitment process with the sponsoring company. This allows the companies to make a technical and efficient evaluation of the participants. And the data scientists will be able to demonstrate their real-world skills, even without a university degree, and enter work in top companies in the region.

Yes, you can still enter and receive a score. However, your score will not be reflected in the ranking table as it is sealed after a challenge is closed.

Still have questions? Write us here: [email protected]

There are 3 types of competition


Win Money Prizes

You can earn money if you solve the problem and you are in the first places!


Earn Recruitment

You will be able to get a job demonstrating your real world skills.


Earn Points and Reputation

You will be able to learn, have fun and rank in the best positions on the Leaderboard.

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Our Platform.

We have a platform capable of hosting competitions, uploading files, evaluating them and ranking the best results of the competition. You will also be able to know at all times your rankings and the rankigs of the other competitors.

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Powerful Features

You only have to worry about downloading the data provided in the competition by the company sponsoring the competition. Our platform is in charge of evaluating the model.

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Dedicated Data Science Team

We have a team of Data Scientists who are monitoring the competitions, solving doubts and helping you to succeed in this world of Data Science

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We have Data Scientists increasing their level of performance, understanding of the models and gaining experience with real life cases in Latin America. What are you waiting for?

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