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Experience & Education
Tengo entre 1-2 años de experiencia

El diploma de la universidad

Tengo un título o calificación formal en data science o un campo relacionado (matemáticas, ciencia, ingeniería, ciencia de la computación)

Dear sir or madam, A quick background of myself follows: I'm an engineer graduated from National University of Colombia, one of the top 10 Latin America Universities. Since first year of college I developed great interest in statistics and programming, I started my internship in a field not related to Data Science, but according to my many functions and capacities I showed and led the technology projects within the enterprise, started by analizing and choosing different solutions later I started developing others, from picking requirements, designing the solution and programming it, designing it's own databases and analizing it with data science tools. My goal is to dive deeper into data science by learning more and more each day about this passionate world. I have a short term course of 117 hours in data science where I learnt about Data Visualization, Machine Learning and Big Data.

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