Arbey Aragon

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Data Scientist

Experience & Education
Tengo entre 1-2 años de experiencia

El diploma de la universidad

Tengo un título o calificación formal en data science o un campo relacionado (matemáticas, ciencia, ingeniería, ciencia de la computación)

I have more than three years of experience working with big data. Since I was finishing my bachelor I started my work with financial data I also contributed to the production of some academic articles related to financial data analysis by training predictive models for the financial market. For those articles, machine learning and big data techniques were used to train automatic trading models. Currently, I am currently the CTO of CETREAL, a mixed reality company that works with Magic Leap and Hololens glasses in Colombia, developing artificial intelligence models for their implementation in these headsets, I work programming an application with a scalable architecture in the google cloud platform GCP. I was part of the winner team than won the artificial intelligence Hackathon at the AI LATIN AMÉRICA SUMMIT event at Massachusetts Institute of Technology .Additionally, I was part of ALGOS Trade, a research group from the National University of Colombia that studies several techniques of machine learning applied to finance. Skills: Data science, machine learning, cloud computing with GCP, algorithmic trading, web development for scalable apps, Python/ NodeJS/ Go/ Java/ JavaScript/ Typescript/ GCP/ TensorFlow/ keras/ PyTorch/ Kubernetes/ Docker/ Magic Leap/ Hololens/ MRTK/ MLTK/ C#/ C++.

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