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Data Science Advanced Courses.

Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Intermediate and Advanced Courses.

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Conducted by industry professionals

These courses are conducted by professionals in the Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning industries.


This is the list of courses we have on our platform. We are constantly creating new ones and updating old ones. Stay ahead of the curve with us!

52 Lessons

Duration: 11:19:00 hrs.

Learn the techniques needed to analyze data using the Python's Pandas library. Learn with real pr...

Complete Syllabus Here

Learn Data Analysis With 8 Projects In Pandas

Learn the techniques needed to analyze data using the Python's Pandas library. Learn with real projects!You are about to embark on a powerful course that will teach you the latest techniques for an...

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Howdy, I'm Daniel,
your mentor in

I have over 4 years of experience as a software developer, over 3 years as a mentor and over 2 years as a data scientist. I have worked in multiple personal and third party projects where I have been able to understand in detail how to build solutions to complex problems in the world of Artificial Intelligence.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our philosophy is that you can create your own portfolio of projects, so the approach is project based. The projects to be developed can be seen in the content of every course. Within the courses we will also have a series of exercises, workshops and quizzes to be developed during the course of each session.

All our courses are of intermediate or advanced level, therefore we recommend students have a good level of SQL, Python and the most common libraries for data science, such as Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib, as well as the work on Jupyter Notebook. Our goal is that advances from the basic to the advanced by developing and deploying real projects. If only you're getting started, we recommend you follow our basic data science video tutorials here

The courses are made so that you can access them for life, once you buy the course you will not have to pay anything again. Even the course updates are free, and you will be notified by email about the respective updates.

Yes, you will be able to access materials such as: slides, jupyter notebooks, gists and private repositories, which are used and shared by the mentor to guide you through the courses.

In the detail of each course you can see the corresponding value in American dollars. This is so because all Spanish speakers can access them, and there are no restrictions from each country. The average price of a course that lasts more than 100 hours is $39 USD, which makes it very affordable for Latin America.

All courses are taught in native Spanish. This is in order to avoid fatigue to understand a complex subject and at the same time try to understand a non-native language for the Latinos like English. Thus we have given ourselves the task of bringing to Latin America intermediate and advanced courses in their own language, so you can easily understand the key concepts to advance your career as a data scientist.

We have developed an interactive platform, where you will follow videos, answer questions, you will set up projects, do quizzes, and receive a certificate of completion. Our entire platform is focused on generating a great learning experience for the data scientists of our region and touch on intermediate and advanced concepts in machine learning and deep learning of a simple way.

Yes. We have a 30-day money back guarantee for all courses. If you don't are satisfied with the course you have purchased, just write to [email protected] and we will return the money without any obstacles or questions. We want you to feel safe with your purchase!

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